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I am a world-class thief. Or I was, before I got pinched and landed in prison. After I served my time, I decided to get on the right side of the law, or as much as my job at Jameson Force Security allows. The lines sometimes blur, which suits me just fine. My name might be Saint, but I’m a devil to most.

My plan to go legitimate is going as anticipated, until my past and present collide in a big way. While in Paris preparing to take down a ring of highly specialized thieves, I come face-to-face with my biggest threat—and my most dangerous temptation.

Sindaria “Sin” Westin was the love of my life, until her betrayal landed me behind bars. Now I’ve got to find a way to trust her again, at least long enough to pull off this job. When it becomes clear the price for this heist will be our lives, I realize I need to do whatever it takes to keep Sin safe, even if it means trading my life for hers. Because no matter the lies I’ve told myself, Sin’s greatest theft was the day she stole my heart.

January 7
Big Dog Books, LLC
Big Dog Books, LLC

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Sandy Sch ,

4.25 stars-intriguing and delightful

4.25 stars-CODE NAME: HEIST is the third instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult JAMESON FORCE SECURITY erotic, romantic suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for Jameson Force Security. This is former Marine/ thief Saint Bellinger, and art thief Sindaria ‘Sin’ Weston’s storyline. CODE NAME: HEIST can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. The Jameson Force security series is a spin-off from the author’s WICKED HORSE VEGAS series, which in turn is a spin-off from her Wicked Horse Series. There is also a slight cross-over with the mention of the author’s Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series, and Jameson Force Security agent Malik Fournier. You do not have to have read any of the previous series to follow or understand the current series.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Saint and Sin) CODE NAME: HEIST follows former Marine and new Jameson Force Security agent Saint Bellinger on his latest assignment in Paris, face to face with the woman who almost destroyed his life. Saint, a one-time thief, has been tasked with infiltrating a high end, organized art theft ring in Europe, a ring that now uses the woman who betrayed him, landing him in prison. Enter Sindaria ‘Sin’ Westin. What ensues is the rebuilding romance and relationship between Saint and Sin, and the potential fall-out as Saint battles between head and heart in an effort to protect the woman he hasn’t stopped loving.

Several years earlier Saint was destroyed when Sin set him up in a robbery gone wrong, a robbery that landed Saint in prison for two years but Sin had her reasons, reasons of which, she hoped Saint would forgive. Sin Westin is a virtual prisoner; an indentured slave to a man who has threatened the people she loves. Hoping one final job would grant her her freedom, Sin and Saint are forced to work together on a job that was the biggest they would ever encounter.

The relationship between Sin and Saint is one of second chances; a rekindling romance between two people destroyed by betrayal, vengeance, and secrets. Saint had never stopped loving Sindaria Westin, and is willing to save her at any and all costs. The $ex scenes are passionate, steamy and hot.

Several of the Jameson Force Security team members play secondary and supporting roles but when one of their own goes missing on assignment the team struggles to find the man who was as close as a brother.

CODE NAME: HEIST is a story of second chances; of secrets and lies; of relationship and love. The premise is captivating and engaging; the romance is seductive and provocative; the characters are energetic, dynamic and charismatic. CODE NAME; HEIST is an intriguing and delightful addition to the Jameson Force Security.

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