Cold Case BC

The Stories Behind the Province’s Most Sensational Murder and Missing Persons Cases

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Publisher Description

Eve Lazarus (Cold Case Vancouver) investigates murder and missing persons cases that have perplexed and fascinated British Columbians for years.

In her book Cold Case Vancouver, crime historian and
reporter Eve Lazarus used investigative skills to shine a light on the city’s
most baffing unsolved murders. In Cold Case BC, Lazarus casts her gaze
more widely on long forgotten and unsolved murder cases throughout the province
of British Columbia, Canada. These include teenager Molly Justice, who was
murdered on the outskirts of Victoria after taking the bus home from work, and
a follow-up to the tragic 1948 Babes in the Woods story of two children found
murdered in Stanley Park, whose names were finally revealed this year in a
story broken by Lazarus herself. There’s also the tale of four police officers in
the 1960s who committed a string of robberies that culminated in the biggest heist in Vancouver’s history. Their reign of
terror ended with one of the officers murdering his family before killing
himself. Or were they all killed by someone else?

Lazarus also looks at some of the province’s most intriguing
missing persons cases, such as three-year-old Casey Bohun, who vanished from
her bed in the middle of the night, and the Jack family of four, who left
Prince George to work in a logging camp along the infamous Highway of Tears but
were never seen again.

Interviews with law enforcement, forensic experts, and family and
friends of the victims add new life to these historical cases, some of which
date back to World War II. The book also includes some cases that have been
solved, revealing the painstaking investigative work and new forensic
technology that ultimately brought about closure for victims’ families.

Meticulously researched, Cold Case BC is a fascinating true crime
book that reveals startling details about British Columbia’s criminal past. 

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