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**This combined edition contains the second trilogy of novels in The Awakened series: Seeds of Corruption, Hidden from Men, and Foundations of the World.**

Book Four: The All Powerful is dead, but the scars of his influence remain, haunting Kael’s memories and discoloring his outlook. Seeking closure, Kael retraces the steps of his past. When he discovers that his father may still be alive, the course of his life once again takes an unexpected turn. Determined to answer the most profound questions of his childhood, Kael ventures across the fractured physical dimension. What awaits him is an advanced civilization of private armies and foreign weaponry, and only one path leads to his goal. Entering a covert war of intelligence and paramilitary operations, Kael must adapt to this new world and confront the possibility that his own destiny is just beginning. The seeds of corruption have taken root, but the Awakened has come.

Book Five: A powerful adversary is surfacing and Null’s covert battle is on the threshold of open war. Reunited with his father after twenty-two years, Kael must find the balance between protecting him and confronting the enemy who stands between them and their home world. The timelessness of the In-Between has stolen the years that separated Kael and Adair by age, leaving them as distant equals. Having glimpsed Kael’s destiny from the Eternal Realm, Adair struggles to find his role in the life of a son who no longer needs him. Through a global maze of counterintelligence and espionage, a multinational team of operatives has to survive long enough to turn the tide of war. And a father and son will discover how to rebuild what was taken from their lives.

Book Six: Kael has seen into the mind of the enemy and witnessed an abomination beyond imagining. Thousands of years of collaboration have allowed the Myndarym to construct a vast and complex system for exploiting the earth and its inhabitants. It is an ancient legacy of evil, and for the remnants of Null to destroy it, they must capture the system’s last surviving creator. Kael has only one advantage against this ruthless warrior, but leveraging it will take him through a battlefield of the world’s most advanced weaponry and expose his greatest weaknesses—patience and trust. The journey will bring them all together in ways they never thought possible, leading to a startling revelation that will shake the very foundations of the world.

In the second trilogy of his bestselling debut series, Jason Tesar's epic saga takes readers on an action-packed journey that blurs the boundaries between fantasy, sci-fi, and military fiction.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 5
Jason Tesar
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