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Our intrepid narrator encounters a willing partner on the running trails along the Hudson River. With his power, he discovers her hidden desires for casual love and gives her the power to realize her secret longings and appreciation for herself. They while away an afternoon of love making in the great outdoors.

"Many people don't believe me when I say I have a psychic power, but it's true! I was born with the power to somehow give permission to people to let their inhibitions go.
If they want.
It works like this: say, you want a cookie, but you know you shouldn't eat it because dinner is coming, or you'll gain weight, or yada, yada, yada. Normally, you'd just move on without too much suffering. But if I was there, I'd know if you really wanted that cookie, or if it was just a passing fancy, understand? So, if you really wanted that cookie, but society was saying no, I'd know that. And I would tell you to go ahead and eat the cookie and my psychic power give you all the permission you needed.
If you didn't really want that damned cookie, I could throw my power at you until my brain melted and you'd still not eat it.
I can't really make anyone do anything. They have to want it in the first place. In truth, anyone who doesn't really, really, really want it, well no one can turn a “no” into a “yes,” right? And I'm never, ever going to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do, right?
Still, I ain't deprived!
Just the other day…
I was jogging along a footpath along the Hudson up near the town of Peekskill. Jogging is something I have to do. Too many of those damned cookies in early childhood, know what I mean? That psychic power of mine often gave my mom and dad and aunts and uncles just the excuse they needed to indulge me when I wanted it. And I wanted it. A lot. So, as a child, I was quite rotund.
I still have a large appetite. But not for food so much. I've learned to control it.
More or less.
So, I was jogging. I had just finished my five miles and thought about finding the path that led to the lot and my car. I was huffing and puffing, but that was only because I did some sprints during the last couple of miles. The mid-summer sun shone down just enough to give me that lightly baked feeling. Although I had that slight weakness of a hard workout, I felt good.
Just then, I heard a faint tapping behind me. I jogged along a few more moments and listened to the taps get louder. I sighed to myself. I'd had the path to myself for the last hour - it being mid-day and most folk at work. I felt that wonder lifted feeling that come from a good workout wilt just a little.
The tapping grew louder and became the light slap-slap of running shoes on macadam. I turned and jogged backward a moment to see who it was. Then I saw her.
Oh, she was a vision. "

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April 14
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