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Written by experienced deafie owner Amanda Brahlek and using contributions from dozens of deaf dog owners, this truly is a "Must Read" for anyone opening their home to a deaf dog.

Inside these pages you'll find answers to the most important questions a new deaf dog owner is faced with:
What accommodations do you need to make for your deafie?How to prepare your home for a deaf dogTraining, communication, and hand signalsHow do you safely socialize a deaf dog with other dogs?How can you promote comfort and security with your deafie?
Amanda's story:

Before I adopted my deaf Catahoula, I searched and searched for information on what to expect and how to care for him. I needed a What to Expect When You're Expect guide but for deaf dogs. Unfortunately, each source I read fell short. Most sources offered the same generic, inadequate information and advice. None prepared me for what owning a deaf dog was really like. I knew I could write a better guide, so I did.

And here it is! This is the guide I wish I had before adopting my deaf dog, when I brought him home, and for the months and years that followed.

Find out what it's truly like to own a deaf dog: from accommodations to cuddles. This book will provide you with the information you need to understand and best care for a deaf dog.

My goal is to help you feel confident in your decision when considering if a deaf dog is the right choice for you, and, if it is, to assist you in training your deaf dog.

Deaf dogs are lovable goofballs with a lot of love to share, but they require owners that are prepared to handle all aspects of their personalities and needs. If you're feeling overwhelmed after adopting a deafie or uncertain whether or not to adopt a deaf dog, this book is for you.

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