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Natalia Darque, in her ongoing autobiographical series, tells of her wildest adventure to date, her spring break trip to Padre Island.

With her best friend, she meets up with a group of guys from another school, and has to decide whether to pick one out for the night, or take on all five by herself.

This is a 5,000+ word short story, exclusive of legaleze and excerpts from other works.

An excerpt of Confessions of a Sorority Girl: Spring Break G******g:

As we screamed down the highway far in excess of the now-fortunately extinct 55-mph speed limit, I laughed as my friend Takola hung out the passenger window of my car. She was screaming in joy as we neared Padre Island, our destination for the next week of crazy spring break partying. Takola was black, and stunningly gorgeous. At 5’3” and less than a hundred pounds, she had long ringleted black hair, and amber colored eyes that were simply spellbinding.
Seeing a gorgeous girl hanging out my car window, a group of spring-breakers, all guys, pulled up alongside and began screaming at Takola, helping in celebrating our week of partying. The whole car load of guys started yelling at Takola to show them her tits. She looked over at me smiling, as if to see what I thought.
I simply shrugged, as if to say, “It’s up to you.”
Leaning out the window, she pulled her top up to expose her amazing C cup tits. She shimmied sexily back and forth to give them a show. The boys all screamed and yelled to encourage her.
Pulling her top back down, she slid into the car and looked at me with a wide grin. In her sexy little voice, she said, “We are going to have sooo much fun this week!”
“It looks like we already are,” I said in a deadpan voice.
Takola threw back her head and laughed. “Thanks so much for inviting me!” she said.

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October 29
Darque of Night Publishing
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