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Dina, a tenacious art forgery expert, is suddenly dragged back into her past life when an extraordinary package is left at her apartment by a mysterious man who seems to know the most personal and intimate details about her past. Why now? Can he be trusted? With new revelations, her life quickly spirals into a maelstrom of confusion and Dina is torn between her innocent desire to believe the stranger and her professional instincts telling her that everything is not as it seems. As she struggles to understand what is happening, an unsolved, decades-old crime linked to a missing treasure becomes the center of her life. Embarking on an unexpected and mystifying adventure that interrupts her busy life, Dina must confront the shadows of her past and face the truth about her family. What happened more than twenty years ago when her father and brother were torn away from her? Together with her colleagues and their expertise, the mystery might be solved. But will her team unconditionally support her in her effort to put together the pieces of this long-broken puzzle? To shed light upon the truth, Dina will have to travel to a place that holds many painful memories and face the ghosts of her past. There she will learn about the fate of her doting father and beloved brother, who has been lost to a shadowy, clandestine organization known only to a few locals as Corridor One. Dina will have to rely on the help of an unlikely partner and an old, long-forgotten Siberian mental art to accomplish her goals. But is Dina alone on her path or is somebody quietly watching her steps?

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 28
Rafael H. Derchansky
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Rob Goldstein ,

A real page turner!

I read the preview and I must say that the plot is full of mystery and intrigue. Can't wait to uncover what Dina has in store when the book is released!

Anna S1982 ,

A thrilling read!

I just finished reading the first chapter of Corridor One and just couldn’t put it down! This is one of the most fascinating pieces of writing I’ve read. Can’t wait until the book is released to continue the story.