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The aim of this book is to analyze the all important implications of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for a finite universe with very large mass-energy content such as ours. The earlier and main contributors to the formulation of Quantum Mechanics are briefly reviewed regarding the formulation of Heisenberg's Principle. After discussing “indeterminacy” versus ”uncertainty”, the universal constants of physics are reviewed and Planck's units are given. Next, a novel set of units, Heisenberg–Lemaitre units, are defined in terms of the large finite mass of the universe. With the help of Heisenberg's principle, the time evolution of the finite zero-point energy for the universe is investigated quantitatively. Next, taking advantage of the rigorous solutions of Einstein's cosmological equation for a flat, open and mixed universe of finite mass, the most recent and accurate data on the “age” (to) and the expansion rate (Ho) of the universe and their implications are reconsidered.
Contents:Planck, Einstein and MachAbout the Origins of Quantum Mechanics IAbout the Origins of Quantum Mechanics IIAbout the Origins of Quantum Mechanics IIIAbout the Origins of Quantum Mechanics IVIndeterminacy vs UncertaintyThe Universal ConstantsPlanck's Units and Heisenberg–Lemaitre UnitsImplications of a Finite UniverseCosmic Zero-Point EnergyRigorous Solutions of Einstein's Cosmological EquationOn the Evidence for Dark Matter, Dark Energy & Accelerated ExpansionOn Physics and Philosophy
Readership: Advanced undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in cosmology and theoretical physics.
Key Features:No other lengthy discussion of the cosmological implications is availableThe first quantitative discussion of the zero-point energy of the universe is givenCompact rigorous solutions of Einstein's cosmological equation for Lambda Cold Dark Matter (LCDM), Open Friedman–Lemaitre (OFL), and mixed universes are discussed in detail

Science & Nature
May 28
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