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Your health is the most important thing you have in life. It directly determines the quality of the life you have and your ability to enjoy it with the people you love. I am sad to see how many people choose to live a low-quality life and this makes them at risk for diseases. It is not often a choice but a lack of knowledge as I was overweight myself for most of elementary school and all of high school. I wanted to lose weight so bad, but I did not know how, and they do not teach us this in our schools, even in Canada. As an adult, after I sought out the knowledge and studied this extensively I have gone from 200lbs to 160lbs and maintained it off while being able to eat what I want and drink with my friends so I really do understand what I am talking about and have been trained by the best nutritionists, metabolic specialists, and personal trainers that Canada has to offer.

I strongly believe the only people at risk for hospitalization due to the SarsCov2 virus are the elderly and weak. If you are in the weak category the good news is you can completely remove yourself from it and transform your body into the healthy state it is meant to be in, ready to fight off any disease. If you are elderly, you are going to be naturally weakened but you are still able to train your muscles and cardiovascular system to perform at the most optimal level. If your odds of dying are at 70% wouldn’t you want to reduce it down to 20%?

This book will be broken down into two chapters in which you are encouraged to read in order, as exercise without proper nutrition will take you nowhere. You cannot out train a bad diet, and this is the reason many people fail to reach their goals. If you try to take short cuts and skip over the sections that follow, you’ll frustrate yourself and delay progress.

The secret to effortlessly losing weight is to eat low calorie dense food so you will feel full and not want to eat any more, resulting in a calorie deficit, and thus the extra calories your body needs to function will come from your stored body fat. It really is that simple so please reread the previous sentence.
I thank you for taking the first step to improving your life. I appreciate it, your family appreciates it, your friends appreciate it, and the whole world appreciates it. Your health benefits us all and builds up your community.

Health, Mind & Body
August 19
Steven Alonzo
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