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Coxworth Academy is a privately-owned junior college on tropical Hesperides Island, where 50 hand-picked students study and play amongst modern replicas of ancient Greek and Roman buildings. Eleanor Coxworth, their lusty and loveable mentor, keeps the 18-year-old college men and women busy during the day and segregated into separate dormitories at night. She encourages everyone to enjoy living and loving, however, and ensures that the horny guys and gals of Coxworth Academy enjoy plenty of time for coeducational coupling. Even the faculty and staff participate from time to time.

Coxworth Academy 13 begins early on a Friday night in Insula Alpha, the men's dormitory. Asleep in her adjoining home, the boys' housemother enjoys a vivid dream that combines childhood farm chores with caring for her male wards.

That same night, Bert sneaks into Insula Beta, the women's dormitory. Being the best-endowed boy in school, he has no problem enlisting three eager young women to help him: his sexy girlfriend, Jenny, and her friends, golden-haired Bess and curvy Trina. The foursome spend the evening sipping wine spritzers and playing strip poker. The game takes a titillating turn when the teens get tipsy and start to compete for challenges instead of clothes.

On Saturday, Aaron finds himself at the Valetudinarium, the college clinic, for a very thorough physical examination. Attractive Nurse Robin personally assists her patient through the private procedures; however, Aaron's embarrassing day takes a turn for the worse when Doctor Christie enlists his help in publicly demonstrating a particular piece of medical equipment.

Fiction & Literature
December 8
KC Crozetti
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