Creative Sourcing For Booksellers, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Double the Cutting-Edge Book Sourcing Content‪.‬

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Simply put, this course shows you new and creative ways to find inventory, including books, CDs, VHS and other media, that you can sell online or in your store. This course will show you not only new places to buy books and media, but also abundant sources of FREE INVENTORY.

How Is This Course Different?
Creative Sourcing for Booksellers is the first and only course of its kind.
This course is designed to increase your book selling profits by showing you both the methods and the places the pros use to find inventory!

How Will This Course Greatly Improve My Profits?
The wealth of information in this course will improve your sales dramatically by showing you where to find the best books for the best prices! Many times booksellers end up buying inventory from the same place as everyone else; namely, library book sales. This course will show you new and creative sources for finding books and other media that will put you way ahead of the competition and will increase your sales. In addition, this course will show you where to find FREE INVENTORY! Nothing improves your bottom line more than free sources!

Knowledge is the Key to Big Profits

All It Requires Is The Knowledge,
And A Top Pro Guiding You
Every Step Along The Way.

The major limiting roadblock
to growth in the book selling business…
has always been knowing where to find
enough continuing supplies of highly desirable,
highly saleable, books at super low prices…
so that you can then continue to…
sell lots of books at a really good profit.
It can make you darn angry… the frustration that you feel… the tightening knot of stress in the pit of your stomach, and self doubt that sets in… when you realize that you don’t know the secrets and best techniques of running your book sales business for maximum profits, and for total financial rewards.

You watch other people in the business that seem to know the secrets that cause their book business, and profits, to soar… secrets and techniques that you don’t know (yet).

You are as smart as they are, you know that… but what do they know that you don’t? A wave of self doubt sets in… doesn’t it? It’s just not a good feeling.

Those feelings are totally needless… and I am going to remove each one of them from you. I am going to change those feelings of inadequacy about the book sales business within you… into wonderful feelings of…
Happiness – Enjoyment –Confidence – and Economic Freedom
This course has all the knowledge
for you.

This course is going to take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step, everything that you need to know, about how to so easily find the sources for a constant endless supply of books and other book seller inventory to sell for a profit… a really good profit… to grow your business big time.

You will learn these secrets, sources, and techniques that have taken me so many years in the book business to discover for myself along the way. You can then watch your business grow well beyond your wildest dreams. And you can build your book business into the financial fortress, and financial future, that you, and your loved ones, crave and deserve.

Get ready to learn how to
grow your book business rapidly
into a high profit financial success!

Business & Personal Finance
May 16
Frank Aaron Florence
Draft2Digital, LLC

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