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Five young lieutenants from the United Confederation of Interplanetary People (UCIP) come together to form a covert strike team code named T.E.A.M. G (top-secret espionage assualt issions group). Consisting of a quirky security officer, Chan Lao, a mysterious medical officer, Ayanna Mangai, a cocky pilot, Ivan Kree, a wife and science officer, Heather Kree and a former rebel soldier, Kiiyla Ciari, T.E.A.M. G is a collection of some of the finest officers ever to graduate from the UCIP Institue. Their mission involves the Rell of Ukatmah a vicious warlord who is believed to have acquired a weapon of mass destruction. The group encounters countless dangers and ordeals, but also during the course of their mission, Lt. Kiiyla Ciari must face her own demons as they return from her past. These demons take the forms of her friends back when she was rebel fighter back on Ukatmah where she also fell in love with one member of her group that was a priest named Seth. Seperated from each other each believed the other one had perishe Seth vowed revenge against the Rell. Kiiyla was rescued by a UCIP vessel where she befriended her would be assassin officer Mark McLoan. Mark, upon relaizing than even in this short period of time he has feeligs for Kiiyla, confesses that he is the son of the Rell of Ukatmah that she hates so much. Kiiyla scorns him, but her contempt soon fades away when she realizes that he hates his father more than she ever could. The Rell discovers that Mark has failed to do his job and sends his guards to capture them both. Mark and Kiiyla flee in a shuttleship and avoid capture. They settle on a non-allied planet called Duncan III where they fall in love and eventually get married. They hide there happily for three years before the Rell discovers their whereabouts. He sends his people to bring back his son and kill the girl. They capture Mark and disguise his abduction as a terrorist bombing. Kiiyla hears that her husband is dead, but she is given no time to mourn as her assassin is in her house. Kiiyla narrowly escapes and is now under the protection of the local authorities. Kiiyla, not one to live in a cage or on the run, is easily persuaded by a young woman named Ayanna Mangai to join the UCIP Marine Corps.
Back to the present situation. The newly formed team is issued the experimental assualt vessel commissioned as the U.S.C. HALCYON and its detachable strikeship, the U.S.C. TIBURON. shortly after leaving the system the crew encounters a Veran vessel under the commission of their mission target, the Rell of Ukatmah. Lieutenants Kiiyla Ciari, Chan Lao, and Ivan Kree board the ship, and after neutralizing all the Veran officers, they discover it carried one Ukatmahran prisoner who knows Kiiyla from her youth. It is her lover, Seth Atal. The four return to the Halcyon where Kiiyla soons discovers that Seth was not a prisoner on the ship like he was pretending to be, but instead he was an officer of the Rell. The team, however, realizes this too late and other Veran ships are closing in on their position. The ship is boarded and after a brief battle on the bridge Kiiyla and Ayanna are captured. Ivan, Heather and Chan managed to jettison to the nearby planet of Lathen IV, but Chan is seperated from his comrades. A search and recovery team is sent to the planet to acquire the remaining lieutenants while Kiiyla and Ayanna are taken back to the Rell's main compound on Ukatmah where Kiiyla soon discovers that not only is Seth in the service of the Rell, but all of her close friends from the past seem to have turned traitor. However, apperances are not always as they seem. Though her friends wear the emblem of the house of du Rell, they are all actually still fighting for the rebellion, but they are attacking from the inside. On Lathen's mercilous deserts Ivan contracts a fatal illness and Heather and he are easily captured in a few days. Chan, however, not only manages to find Heather and Ivan (albeit too late

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 21
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