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Call it a Crime of Passion… or better yet… a Crime of Slashin’.

Sadie’s new man is kind, and the charm of Emerald Falls is captivating. It’s a small town, a magical, mystical place, and Sadie never wants to leave. But there’s one man who is not so kind. He’s Sadie’s ex, and he demands to see her again… alone. When she agrees to meet with him, she discovers that he is involved in a very shady business. Threatening Sadie to join him, or die in the arms of her new leading man, she goes to her ex but has no idea what she’s getting into. She can forget all about Emerald Falls, or perhaps she can make a deal with the devil.


All you have to do is meet the yacht when you get the call. My limo driver will take you to the dock and then you will bring the shipment back here to me. It’s easy.”

“Why me?”

“Ah, Sadie, yours is not to ask or wonder why… yours is but to do or die.”

Sadie stood up. “You don’t scare me.”

She could feel the men behind her coming closer. “We don’t mean to frighten you, but you will do as you are told. This is a business with a very small margin of error. You were a medical student. Doctors are not afforded the luxury of making mistakes. That will be your code name… the doctor. How ‘bout it, boys?”

Sadie heard mumbles behind her as the men agreed. Lin gave Sadie a hurtful smirk.

“The doctor it is. Cheer up, Sadie. Your addiction will be fed at cost.”

Sadie started to say that she did not have an addiction, but she stopped short of saying actual words.  “I only have the room for another day.”

“After tomorrow, you will share my suite,” Lin informed her, with a brush of his lips to her cheek.

Sadie cringed at Lin’s touch. He had changed so much that she doubted he would recognize his former self. Sadie went to the door, but she was followed by one of Lin’s men.

“We wouldn’t want you to be alone, Sadie. Who knows, you could change your mind. Maybe that sweet man from Emerald Falls will be your knight in shining armor.”

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 10
Beau to Beau Books
Beau to Beau

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