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Derek Sanderson was a key player with the Big Bad Bruins in the 1970s. At one point the highest-paid athlete in the world, Sanderson played with and against the era’s legends, winning two Stanley Cups and assisting on Bobby Orr’s famous diving goal in 1970. Off the ice, “Turk” was one of a kind. He drove a burgundy Rolls-Royce, wore a fox coat and, when asked what winning the Stanley Cup meant to him said, “The difference in the money is whether I take a college chick to Cape Cod or a Playmate to France.” But behind the glory, Sanderson was an alcoholic and an addict. He bottomed out, losing it all, and ended up sleeping under bridges. At one point he was so sick, he had to use crutches to walk.

Crossing the Line is about Sanderson’s crazy days as a player but also about his road back to health. Sanderson has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people about the dangers of his former lifestyle and now helps young athletes and others to avoid the pitfalls of instant fame.

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October 16
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Customer Reviews

dadeo51 ,

Very good read

I really goes to show that all are equal, it's what you are that counts.

Devin Hoium ,

Devin Hoium

You don't have to be a fan of hockey to enjoy this great book! All walks of life can! A must read!!

Ivano Labricciosa ,

Ivano Labricciosa

Wow! Congratulations Derek, you have encapsulated your life in your writing in the way you lived your life and conquered your fears. Thanks for the thrilling ride and visit down memory lane and for the lessons and experiences you shared. It was a fantastic read done in less than 24 hours that I could not put it down. Why? I ask myself - was it because I grew up in Niagara and can relate to middle class upbringing or the values taught by great parents at a time where making it was the challenge or admiring the Bruins during an era that they should have and we're truly a dynasty but never really making it, or because I wanted to know more about the kid from the falls that was larger than life in a period that resembled him? All of the above. I am 50, originally from Welland where it was understood that you spent time and shared time as a salt of the earth person with the locals and i have similar fears that you describe and this has I believe accomplished some of the goals set out - helping someone understanding fears and the role of the key elements faith, family, friends can play in coping. The most intriguing elements of your story were how you described faith - that you were not an overly religious person but how the timing of God finding you at the times you described with the blizzard of 77, the unannounced timing of your past acquaintance showing up in the hospital in fort Erie and Windsor, it causes me to think how could one understand this experience in the moment? Often I wonder if anyone really knows these moments when they happen, and if they could understand these moments that they realize the divine intervention really does happen. It would be best to betterunderstand this in the moment or when and how that penny drops. That maybe crucial for those who are gripped in the clutch to really relate and move to conquer their fears faster. Well done.

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