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This volume features two stand-alone novellas featuring Lifesaver in a Bikini by Angelin Sydney and Promise Me by Jack O. Daniel. Some of the characters appear in both books, intertwining the two stories seamlessly.

Lifesaver in a Bikini is the prequel to the Cameron Series.

This action-filled, high-intensity, romantic thriller will take you to the edge of your seat. Definitely unputdownable from the first chapter to the last.

When beautiful, sassy ballistics expert Queen Gomez finds herself thrust into the middle of a murder mystery, the media hails her 'the lifesaver in a bikini'.'

Her hunky husband, New York SWAT Officer Giorgio Gomez, tells her to stay in the crime lab and let the detectives handle it. She wouldn't listen. For her, the truth is out there, and she must seek it.

Now, fearless Queenie is in a world of trouble. G is going to have to put his life on the line to save the woman he loves more than Lego.

As a matter of fact, the mystery had started with Belle. A forensic accountant who got in the way of a sociopath's global criminal enterprise.

Enter handsome Australian SAS Captain Bryce Mabo Cameron, and sparks between him and Belle fly. About the gamine beauty, he sums it up best: 'I know why you're in hot water. You ask too many questions.'

As the personal tragedies mount, it's up to them, especially Queen, to solve the mystery and catch the madman before the game gets too rough to play.

Promise Me

This novella is a gripping narrative!  And, it packs an emotional punch.

They call Thomas Steel, "Easy," for his toughness under pressure. According to those who know him well, he is so easy going he is almost horizontal even when defusing a live bomb. 

One day, he and his team of elite explosive ordnance disposal experts of the New York State Police are called to an incident in front of City Hall. A woman is standing outside with a bomb strapped to her chest.

The bomber has one demand: Only Thomas Steel is allowed to disable the bomb. If anyone else tries, he would kill the woman.

As he approaches her, Easy discovers that she is the most important person in his life. And, as he studies the bomb, he discovers that it is especially cruel. 

Who is the bomber? 


And, will they make it out alive?

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April 24
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