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Follow Cynthia through fifteen short stories, as she willingly submits to all manner of perversion and discipline at the hands of domineering men and women.

Live to Serve
Cynthia loved her job as a waitress. She got to meet all sorts of people. Some were nice, some were not so nice, and some were downright nasty, and it was the nasty ones she liked best.

Lesbian Slave
Cynthia lives to be humiliated and dominated, which is why her new mistress has decided to allow her to stay on, as long as she can pay her way of course.

My Mistress, the Artist
Cynthia was thrilled to learn that her mistress was having a dinner party, and secretly hoped that she would be used and abused her in front of all her mistress's friends.

Games With Slaves
Mistress Ebony and her two guests have just enjoyed a wonderful meal, and what better way to end the night than with some slave party games.

Pet Slave
Cynthia finds herself at the mercy of the tall and beautiful Maree.

Corporate Slave
Cynthia has been sold into the corporate world, where the pain and humiliation keep coming only as long as your performance targets are met.

The Appraisal
Cynthia's first day as a corporate slave has ended and, despite her best efforts, she hasn't met her KPI's.

Corporate Bootlicker
Cynthia becomes a small and often used cog in the bureaucratic machine, where her job is to take minutes at a meeting.

Slave Market Blues
It's only right that Cynthia be punished for performing so badly at her job, and Master Carmine is just the man to do it.

Prize Slave
With the slave market over, Cynthia is given as a prize to Stu, the best performing salesman of the evening.

The Prodigal Mistress
Cynthia was in a rut and working for a man who treated her with dignity and respect.

My Mistress, My Master
Cynthia's job with Mistress Ebony was not going as well as she'd have liked.

Mistress Got the Blues
Cynthia is back where she belongs - under the heel of Mistress Ebony's boot, but something is wrong.

The Pain of Parting
When your Mistress starts treating you with love and respect, you know it's time to hit the road.

Hungry for Sadistic Love
Cynthia was on her own and she didn't like it. She yearned for someone to come in, impose their will upon her and give her what she so richly deserved.

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July 12
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