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Are you a dad seeking how best to raise your children? Are you a mother or child yearning to know what a real father is and does? Are you a grandparent or mentor to a family who needs the influence of a strong male role model? Then DAD Stands for More than Dead Animal Disposer is for you. With a playful Dr. Seuss-like rhyme and poignant depth, DAD will spark your mind, touch your heart, and stir your spirit. From the practicalities of unclogging toilets to the craftsmanship of building a home to the heartbreaking depths of death and broken dreams, DAD will prepare you for the journey of fatherhood and growing up true. DAD reveals the countless skills the go into behind-the-scenes fatherhood and the mind behind the man. The book explores how to think logically, how to recognize fraud and deception, how to prioritize and build an eternal foundation. Written with sections applicable for all ages, (note: parental guidance suggested). DAD will make you think, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you grow. Whether  on Father’s Day, birthday, Veterans’ Day, or Christmas, we all have men and children in our lives we wish to guide,  to remember, and to honor. No matter the relationship, no matter the occasion, there’s never a bad time to be reminded that DAD Stands for More than Dead Animal Disposer.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be gifted to no-kill rescue pet shelters, to the Marine Law Enforcement Foundation to care for the children of fallen military and police service  men and women, and Mira Via and other homes for unwed mothers.

Illustrations by Milagros Schiff, Justin Earp, Denise Bonham, and Christian Faith Publishing.

December 14
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Christian Faith Publishing