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This is the complete Daddy's Billionaire Best Friend series. It contains all 3 books.

#1. Taken by Daddy's Billionaire Best Friend

I’ve fantasized about him for as long as I can remember...

Mark Logan. Household name and CEO of a company named after himself. Of the lesser known facts, he’s also my father’s best friend since like... forever. Luckily for me, that was enough to get me in as his secretary, on one condition. No special treatment will be given and I have to perform if I want to keep the job.

Easy, right? Not even close.

The first thing I do is walk in on him dominating his current secretary all over his desk. Then, instead of backing away slowly and forgetting the whole thing I find myself eagerly watching; wishing that it was me sprawled out over his desk.

Now, I can barely look him in the eyes and in Mark’s own words, he wants me to “take over all of her responsibilities.” But, what exactly does he mean by that?

There’s only one way to find out...

#2. Obsessed With Daddy's Best Friend

Mark has me on the edge, in more ways than one...

I've never felt this way before. Not about anyone before Mark. Everything we do is so forbidden, yet so satisfying.

If anyone ever found out that my dad's best friend took me to a place called The Dungeon...

If anyone ever found out that he's tied me up and had his way with me more than once...

If anyone ever caught us in the act at work... well, let's just say I'd never be able to look them in the eyes ever again and my life would be over. But, I just can't help myself around him. The naughty things he makes me to do are well worth the risk and I'll gladly satisfy him over and over again.

#3. Secrets of Daddy's Best Friend

Mark has a secret, and it's threatening to ruin everything...

My body pulses every time I see him. Thoughts of the dirty, secret things we've been up to rush through my mind and consume me.

I'm in a constant state of arousal, always waiting for his next command. He's more than forbidden, which just makes me want him more.

But Mark has a past, and with it comes a secret that has me questioning everything we've been up to... can we get through this or will this tear us apart?

Fiction & Literature
April 9
Smutpire Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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