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[Illustrated with over one hundred maps, photos and portraits, of the battles, individuals and places involved in the Indian Mutiny]

Even a long experience of Indian and the customs of the Indians could have prepared John Sherer for the tumultuous events of the Indian Mutiny of 1857. A tax collector and magistrate, who first arrived in India in 1846, Sherer was posted to the North-West provinces when the Sepoy Revolt started. His experiences as narrated here form an interesting counter point to the military narratives that were written on the engagements of the mutiny. He and his fellow non-combatants and administrators were thrown to the wind as all the official British authorities attempted to put down the revolt. Widely lauded when the book was first published in 1910, it is a must for anyone interested in the Indian Mutiny.

“Mr Sherer gives a graphic account of the events he witnessed in the terrible times of the Mutiny. He has done right to publish the letters sent to him by Sir James Outram and others; they speak for themselves.”—Glasgow Herald.
“It throws an interesting sidelight on those troublous times from a civilian non-combatant’s point of view.”—Pall Mall Gazette.
“Full of exciting adventure, with the added charm of actual personal experience. Written in a vigorous and picturesque style.”—Bookseller.
“Mr Sherer’s narrative is full of good stories, and he has done well to republish it in its present form.”—Publishers’ Circular.
“This publication will be interesting, instructive, and useful to the younger generation, as throwing a few sidelights on a momentous episode in our national history, and enabling them to estimate in some degree the anxiety, sorrow and horror which moved the nation in thrills and pulsations.”—Shooting Times.

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