Guardians of Hades Romance Series Book 6

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Daimon is ice. His heart is frozen by it. His body caged by it. And he likes it that way. But the sexy sorceress that storms into his life and declares herself a part of his team in his battle against the daemon uprising is determined to melt the ice that has shielded him for centuries, and he’s powerless to stop the burning need she ignites in him.

Even when he’s sure it’s only a game to her.

Cassandra has a sword hanging over her, a duty she has no choice but to perform and one she’s been putting off for years. Her latest excuse? Helping a band of immortal brothers with a war that might mean the end of this world if they fail. Her delaying the inevitable has nothing to do with the gorgeous Greek god who keeps rebuffing her and everything to do with saving the world. He’s a nice distraction and nothing more. She keeps telling herself that.

Even when she’s sure he’s a danger to her heart.

As things heat up in the battle to save the mortal world and the Underworld, will Daimon’s icy heart be able to withstand the fiery witch who can scorch him with just a look?

Daimon is the sixth novel in the Guardians of Hades Romance series. This paranormal romance features a Greek god of ice with a power he struggles to control, especially when he loses his cool, a witch determined to press his buttons, and a cast of sizzling Greek god brothers determined to protect the Underworld and their father Hades, plus lots of action and adventure--and steamy scenes! All Guardians of Hades books have no cliffhangers, a guaranteed happily ever after, and some strong language. Enjoy!

Grab your copy today and step into an action-packed paranormal romance world filled with mythology and mystery from New York Times and USA Today best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton.

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September 29
Felicity Heaton
Felicity Heaton

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

dramatic, complex, inviting

DAIMON is the sixth instalment in Felicity Heaton’s contemporary, adult THE GUARDIANS OF HADES paranormal/fantasy romance series loosely based in Greek mythology, focusing on seven brothers- the sons of Hades and Persephone -sent to Earth to guard the gates to the Underworld. This is Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Ice Daimon, and witch/sorceress Cassandra’s story line. DAIMON can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order as the brothers struggle against an unknown enemy to keep the human world and the Underworld from colliding.

NOTE: The Guardians of Hades series is Felicity Heaton’s interpretation of, and does not follow, the actual Greek mythological family tree or events.

Told from several third person perspectives including Daimon and Cass DAIMON follows several paths including the building romance and relationship between Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Ice Daimon, and witch/sorceress Cassandra. Cassandra is/was the guardian of Calistos’ mate Marinda (Calistos #5), and as such has found herself in the unenviable position to be mistrusted as it pertains to her powers, the brothers, and everything they represent but as the portals to the Underworld continue to open allowing daemons and monsters to escape onto Earth, Cassandra’s special abilities aid the brothers in their battle to stay alive but it is Daimon’s attraction to Cass that gives pause as our hero believes he is unworthy of love having loved and lost in the past.

Meanwhile, Esher continues to defy his father Hades, remaining in the Underworld in search of the wraith who may have information about their sister and Calistos’ twin Calindria, a young goddess they believe is dead and gone. As the brothers continue to question the who, how and why of their inability to keep the portals closed, other Underworld inhabitants make life a little more miserable for the sons of Hades. What ensues is the building relationship and reluctant romance between Daimon and Cass, and the potential fall-out as Cassandra becomes the ultimate target in a war between the worlds.

DAIMON is a dramatic, character driven, detailed, action-packed, and introspective story of love and loss, betrayal and heart break; magic, power and control. The reader profits from the character’s thoughts and ideas, soul-searching and self-examination but saying that, the conversations and communication between characters is limited and narrow. The premise is complex and inviting but often protracted in several areas; the romance is fated and intense; the characters are edgy, colorful and energetic.

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