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An adult book containing graphic sexual descriptions. Not for sale to under-18s.

Jenni was a whore, earning small sums from strangers she picked up. Then the hugely wealthy Damian asked her to work for him, as a hostess. His only condition was that she was to produce milk, human breast milk, for him to share with his friends and colleagues.

Jenni soon finds that milk is not the only one of her body fluids the men are interested in when Damian asks her to fill his wine glass from her bladder.

On the night she is to conceive Jenni is gang-banged by Damian and eight of his friends, so that she won't know who the father is. Nine months later she starts producing the milk her Master was waiting for.
An excerpt from the book:

"She started to feel relief straight away as her milk dribbled from her and into a glass jug. Damian started milking her other side then and she could see the clear liquid building up. Damian stepped away then to let his friends try their hand at milking his human cow. He explained to them, "The first milk a woman produces is this clear liquid, colostrum. She will only be making it for a day or two before she starts to produce proper milk, so we must make the most of it!" Between them the men managed to draw enough milk from Jenni to half-fill the j**s; she went back to her seat, still naked, and Francis went around the table pouring a little of the warm colostrum onto each of the puddings.

When they had all finished eating Damian stood up and took Jenni's hand. "Come, my dear. My friends have been waiting for almost nine months for this opportunity to have you straight after giving birth!" He led her to the lounge, where once again there was a mattress on the floor ..."

Fiction & Literature
April 16
Jeff White
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