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WARNING: Dark, dirty, forbidden, and hot as hell.

Marine turned billionaire arms dealer Jackson Hawke has one goal--to have the woman who ruined his life at his mercy. He'll see her on her knees, even if he has to pay for the privilege.

Six years ago, Hannah buried her twin sister. Now, with her family in jeopardy, Hannah must sell herself to a wealthy stranger in order to save their home.

She expects to be scarred by the experience. She doesn't expect to pay penance for her sister's sins or to meet a man who brings her body savagely to life.

Now Hannah must choose--confess to Jackson that she's not the twin he's looking for and forfeit the money she needs to survive, or submit to a man whose dark domination may be the end of them both.

* *CLIFFHANGER ALERT: Dark Domination ends in a cliffhanger. It is the 1st in the Bought by the Billionaire romance series. The entire series is available now.* *

June 9
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

@Verdad ,

Dark domination

Ruthlessly dark, intense and primal. This Dom is relentless, raw and potent. A man on a mission indeed. Hannah may be a true paradox, delicate but strongly fierce. What a delicious collision!

duckydi ,

Heat to rival dynamite….

The kindle is only now starting to cool off from this tantalizing start to a new serial. I’m beginning to suspect this author is going to challenge every preconception I have to romance as she pushes the boundaries of love in a dark and delicious way.
Jackson Hawke wants revenge. He may be wealthy now but he’s lost anything and everything that gave him a shred of humanity. Living for the chance to right that wrong, Hannah is going to pay the price, whether she owes or not. Hannah, on the other hand, is doing what she can to survive. Enemies have slowly taken away all that she holds dear leaving her clinging to what she has left and willing to do almost anything to keep it. Little did she know what that would really mean.
“Pleasure-pain. They were one and the same with this man and she wanted nothing more than to give him what he wanted, whatever he wanted so long as he would never stop hurting her, healing her, possessing her….”
I don’t know how many ways to say ‘hot’ but I really to find them – they will be needed to adequately describe this opening installment of this author’s latest serial. Reading her first series I know this author can deliver on emotional and sexy and she proves it once again. Hannah is torn as she realizes money is what is needed and how she gets it has to take a back seat to the good of her family. The choices she makes are morally difficult for her but given her options you can see why she does what she does. No matter how uncomfortable they made me feel. I haven’t quite figured out Jackson yet either as his choices are motivated by something revenge, something darker that is definitely a choice that is harder to reconcile.
As the two come together the heat level is off the charts and the ‘why’ takes a back seat to the physical chemistry that just arcs between the two. So many unanswered questions and mystery surround the two coming together that I cannot wait to watch the rest of the story unravel.
Five, off-the-chart, explosive stars!

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