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Anya—a stoic, blue-winged angelic warrior—was bitten by a demon prince in battle, and now she has precious little time to find a cure for his deadly venom. But the only archangel with the power to stop the dark poison from corrupting her body and soul is missing. She’ll have to trust her guide, the outcast high demon Dommiel, who is as handsome as he is dangerous if she has any hope.

An outcast of his own kind, high demon Dommiel stays under cover while the war between angels and demons rages on. When the only person who ever showed him kindness asks for his help, he has no choice but to try to save the angel. Venturing back into the dens he has avoided for so long, Anya makes him want and feel things he never thought possible.

But Dommiel knows there is no way an angel can ever love a demon…

Each book in the Dominion series is STANDALONE:
* The Deepest Well (prequel)
* Darkest Heart
* Hardest Fall
* Coldest Fire

August 20
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

emotional, dark, & exquisite

DARKEST HEART is the first instalment in Juliette Cross’ post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy DOMINION paranormal, romance series focusing on the fight for control and power- the Great War- between heaven and hell. This is fallen angel/demon prince Dommiel, and guardian angel/warrior Anya’s storyline.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Anya and Dommiel) DARKEST HEART follows blue-winged angel Anya, as she goes in search of the Archangel Uriel believed to be held captive by a witch with demonic powers. Anya’s only chance to find Uriel, and save herself for the growing darkness within, is a fallen angel, a former archangel, a demon prince called Dommiel, and the man with whom she will fall in love. What ensues is the growing attraction and love between demon and angel, and the potential fall-out as Dommiel surrenders his life to save the woman he loves.

The relationship between Dommiel and Anya is one of the forbidden. Anya is the ambrosia to Dommiel’s poison; the demon prince whose very existence is now the heart and soul of a woman whose time is ticking, a secret she has yet to reveal to the man that she loves. The romance is seductive; the $ex scenes provocative and passionate.

DARKEST HEART is an emotional, dark and exquisite story between good and evil; hatred and love; vengeance and salvation. The colorful and charismatic secondary characters are brooding, intelligent and intense. A powerful story with passionate characters by a brilliant author. DARKEST HEART is spirited, mesmorizing and breath taking-Juliette Cross opens the heart to the mind’s eye of endless possibilities.

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