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King David was a truly remarkable servant of the Lord, and yet in many ways he was just like us. On the one hand he truly cared about what God was after; God Himself declared him to be “a man after My own heart” (1 Sam. 13:14; Acts 13:22) even while he was still just a shepherd boy. On the other hand, David was often not clear about God’s purpose, and he also experienced many failures, sins, disappointments, and sufferings as he followed and served the Lord.

Through such a one, God was able to establish His kingdom, gain the city He desired, and prepare the way for the building up of the temple, His dwelling place on the earth. What a marvelous story, and what an encouragement to us in our own Christian life and serving today!

In David: After God's Heart , Titus Chu draws lessons for us today from the life of David, a King of Israel and the forebear of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He writes:

These are the two things we should care about above everything else—our relationship with God and how we serve our generation. We should serve our generation according to God’s heart. We should not merely care for our own things. Too many people either serve only themselves or serve their generation in a way that is not according to God’s heart. Most people seek what is to their own benefit. Shouldn’t we consider our livelihood? Yes, we should. Yet David gave himself to live for what God desired and trusted that God was able to take care of him. Today God is still looking for those who care about what He is seeking. As we serve our generation, God is looking to see if we care for what is on His heart. These two matters should regulate our lives. 



1. A Dark Background

2. God’s Preparation: A Woman, Her Son, and a King

3. Saul: The Insufficiency of Religion

4. David’s Approvedness: Chosen, Anointed, Trained, and Tested

5. Learning to Trust Only God

6. Forming the Nucleus of His Kingdom—His Fighters

7. Overcoming to Bring in the Kingdom

8. Gaining the Kingdom and Jerusalem

9. God’s House—Its Materials, Builder, and Site

10. David’s Wives

11. David’s Mighty Men

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January 22
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