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CeeCee Wilson hates her name.

Born two weeks after her paternal grandmother's death, CeeCee is the spitting image of her, and CeeCee's mother, Allison, devastated by the loss of her mother-in-law who was also her best friend, can't imagine any other name.

CeeCee fervently wishes her mother had possessed a bit more imagination.

Elsee Caitrin Wilson...a cow name in CeeCee's mind as well as the minds of her classmates.

As if that isn't enough for a child to handle, CeeCee and her family have to move the summer before she's to start high school, her father develops a disease that's slowly destroying his body as well as her universe, her older brother Mark becomes infatuated with the wicked witch of the southwest, the man she falls in love with loves another, and to top it all off, she can't seem to stop making lists.

Does God care? How can a loving God allow those things to happen? Is CeeCee losing her faith? Had she truly ever possessed any? Or is she simply a product of her parents’ blind belief? What if everything she's been taught up until then has simply been a lie? What if God doesn't exist and it's all a hoax?

Transitioning into adulthood is painful for CeeCee as her anger, doubts, and despair overwhelm her at times, but in the midst of her unwilling journey from child to woman she finds the courage to face her life as well as herself with honesty and a determination to deal with the obstacles that have been thrown in her path.

Dear the second book of the Dear Diary...Series.

Fiction & Literature
March 6
L. M. Reed
Smashwords, Inc.

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