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Publisher Description

Darkimigraines, a side-effect from his hundred-year sleep, takes over Dana's mind. The young boy wrestles with restless nights as he loses grip on reality and the key to saving, not only himself, but hundreds on Galaxy, a ship destined to arrive in the center of the universe sometime the next millennium. Doubtful of his abilities, Dana is forced to rely on computer generated companions to stop a digital paradox from destroying the ship and returning to Earth. He must succeed but he falls short of the genius he once was. It is the genius he needs to be to end the unbridled paradox that is unraveling before him. He is destined to fail because he is the one who created it.

. . . . .

Dana's monocle hung on the back of corridor computer’s arm chair, having been snagged out of his pocket during the fight. An approaching red star's rays shone through the nearby window, passed through the Earth relic and focused hot light over his forehead.

The ship swayed suddenly, marking a once sanctioned space voyage being overly adjusted. Dana's motionless body rolled to its side, passing under the legless chair with the beaming monocle light following him. Finally, he awoke and jolted to his feet, grabbing his head and leaning forward to brace himself as the ship pitched violently and rolled imminently again.

The terminal screen transitioned from standby mode to full-on as it detected a human at the controls again. A route map to the ship’s bridge flashed up. It was at that time, he knew he had to find the girl he loved and ...kill her.

Young Adult
June 27
S. G. Rainbolt
Smashwords, Inc.