Death: Before, During and After - Gnani Purush Dadashri

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Every one has a great fear of death. Death makes people melancholy and they sink into misery. Everyone has to witness death some point in time during his or her life. At such a time hundreds of questions regarding the true nature of death may arise in a person’s mind. When he does not find any answers, he becomes perplexed. People have an ardent desire to discover the mystery surrounding death. A lot has been written on the topic, but it is all mere intellectual exercises.
What is death? What was before this death? What is happening in the dying process? What happens after death? Who can talk about the experience of death? The dead cannot speak of their experiences. Those who are born do not have knowledge of their prior existence. No one knows what happens before birth and after death. That is why the mystery of how one passes through the time before, during and after death remains unsolved. Dadashri, through his Gnan, has exposed all the mysteries of death exactly as they are.

When one learns about the facts surrounding death, his fears will be eased.

What should one do when a beloved one is dying? What is our real duty? How can we improve their next life? What should we do after the death of our loved one? With what understanding should we remain calm and balanced?

What is the truth behind the people’s common belief of ceremonial offerings to the dead relative? What is the significance of the various socially prescribed ceremonies after death? Will all these rituals benefit the dead? Should one perform such rituals? The book here clarifies all these questions succinctly.
When the mysteries of death, which create fear in people, are exposed, one finds an unfailing consolation when facing such situations in life.
A Gnani Purush is someone who remains separate from his body and every event related to the body, separate from birth, and separate from death. He constantly remains the ‘Knower and Seer’ of his body. He experiences the eternal state of the Self, free from the bondage of birth and death. Gnani Purush, through His Gnan, sees it all as it is, and candidly tells us about the mystery of life and death, death and life and freedom from both.

The Soul is eternal. It is beyond birth and death. It is Absolute Knowledge. The Self is the absolute knower and observer. The Soul has no birth or death. Despite this, through his intellect, man perceives and experiences the cycle of birth and death. Naturally then the main question that arises is how do birth and death occur? During birth and death, what other things besides the Soul are present? What happens to them all? Who is it that goes through rebirth? How does it happen? Who is it that goes and comes? How are the sequences of ‘cause and effects’ and ‘effect and cause’ established? How can that be stopped? How is life span determined? What does life span depend on? Who except the Gnani Purush can give exact scientific answers to such eternal questions?

This Book, Death : Before During and After of Gnani Purush Dadashri will amaze you, give you a vision of death that begins your own journey into the State beyond death. That is the purpose of this human life.

Religion & Spirituality
February 11
Shuddha Anami
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