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In the midst of gorgeous St. Bart’s, a few days before Christmas, a Senator’s daughter is found stabbed and strangled on the beach—the day after her engagement party. While the rich and famous are pouring in to celebrate the holidays, the local police are desperate to keep it quiet and not cause an uproar. But the Senator’s family wants justice for their daughter, and they hire Cindy and Mattheus to solve the crime.

As Cindy and Mattheus investigate, they meet the elite crowd surrounding the Senator’s family, an exclusive world of unimaginable wealth, of luxurious parties on yachts and private villas. They learn of all the people who may have wanted the young woman dead, all the jealousies and rivalries, the secret ex-es and affairs. They meet her devastated fiancé, her twin sister and her distraught Mom—all intent on the killer’s being found. They meet the corrupt police force, who wants them stopped, and a rich Russian mogul who controls half the island—and has his own agenda to bring down the senator.

As they delve deeper, they learn the many secrets of this exclusive family and the young woman, and discover that all was not as perfect as it appeared to be. As they get close to the answers, Cindy faces personal danger, while at the same time her relationship with Mattheus grows deeper—and faces a crisis of its own.

And as the two of them are about to leave the island, a sudden twist in events changes everything. Ultimately, they come to learn that on the pristine, perfect St. Bart's, everything is not always as it seems to be. 

DEATH BY DESIRE is both a stand-alone novel and Book #4 in the Caribbean Murder series, following DEATH BY HONEYMOON (Book #1), DEATH BY DIVORCE (Book #2) and DEATH BY MARRIAGE (Book #3).

April 3
Jaden Skye
Brenda Lukeman

Customer Reviews

Tiahall ,

Death by Desire

Good twisty plot, but very sloppily written and edited. A main character's name changes midway through the book, quotation marks are around the wrong part of many sentences and dialogue is stilted and pretentious at the same time. Ms Skye, you have good plot ideas, but your writing needs a lot of work.

Hsyrnyk ,

Awewome book

I am totally hooked on this series. The editing is much better in this book than it was in the first three. I've already downloaded book #5. I find the books well written, very interesting and hard to put down. Great story lines and with lots of excitement. I highly recommend this book along with books #1, 2 & 3.

pennenn ,

Too many typos

Story seemed like it has promise, but I'm on chapter 2 and have already encountered too many typos for me to continue reading.

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