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The day comes when you look around your house and ask yourself, "How did all this stuff get here?"  If that day has come for you, then keep reading.

If stuff has taken over your home, you're feeling cramped, cranky and at the end of your rope.  None of the stuff that's invaded your living space (with your willing collaboration) is making you happy.  But you're paralyzed.  You have no idea where to start!  You're hauled up short by the enormity of the task, so you put your concerns aside and keep moving.

But there's a better way to live. 

There's a way to take back your home from the needless clutter that has taken over.  That's why I wrote Decluttering:  How to Declutter Your Home – More Minimalism, Fewer Books. It was written with you in mind.  This book will help you not only declutter your home, but your life, your budget, your relationships – even your computer!

This book provides motivation for the project you're facing – taking back your home from unnecessary stuff – breaking it up into categories of items and approaches to clutter in the various rooms of your home.  It's a tool made up of a series of smaller tools that you can deploy to wrestle your clutter problem to the ground.

And if you live in a family household, you'll find out how to get everybody in on the fun!

●Learn how to give your reluctant spouse a push in the right direction

●Read about how to get your obstinate teenager on your side

●Find out how a Decluttering Progress Board can keep everyone on track

Get the kids in on the action with the Decluttering Challenge

If you've had enough of the stuff that's encroached on your home, then you need this book.  Start changing your life today by clicking here.

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February 28
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