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Are You Pie Shy?

No more need to worry.

Here you have pie recipes for quick and easy pies and pie crust for everyday as well as special occasions.

As I write this (September), the Holidays are right around the corner. Fall is here. The trees are turning yellow and red and orange. Pumpkins are getting fat in the fields. Citrus is ripening on the trees. We’re beginning to look forward to the sights and sounds and aromas of fresh baked foods for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. A lot of those luscious aromas are the result of fresh baked pies cooking in the oven. And that’s what this book – Delicious Dinner and Dessert Pie – is all about.  

For Halloween, we have delicious pumpkin pie with its cinnamon aroma and its distinct pumpkin flavor that can be enhanced with cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. For Thanksgiving, we have chicken pie and chicken pot pie which can so easily be turned into turkey pie or turkey pot pies just by using some of your left-over turkey instead of chicken. Christmas desserts can be anything from fresh fruit pies in tender, flaky double crusts that are beautifully golden brown to single pie crust meringue or cream or chiffon pies whose aromas make your taste buds tingle as you bend over them to get the greatest pleasure.

Some of our other desserts include:

     Lemon meringue pie recipes

     Apple pie recipes with their distinct sugar and cinnamon aroma

     Cherry pie recipe

     Black bottom pie with its special Jamaican rum flavor

     And various cream and chiffon pies

for your sweet pie recipe collection.

We also give you savory pies including vegetable pies, meat pies, chicken pies, and fish pie recipes for your main meal including:

     Shepherds’ pie

     Chicken pie which could easily become a double pie crust turkey pie

     Tuna bake with a cheese swirl topping

     Halibut fisherman’s pie

and others.

If any of these pie recipes capture your interest, scroll up and click the buy button now. You can be making any of these delicious dinner pies and/or dessert pie recipes within minutes.

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