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My Savior… Or My Ruin?

One night, and my entire life went up in flames. All because of him. Jafar. As my world burned down around me, he offered me a choice. Walk away with nothing but my freedom… Or rise to his challenge and win my fortune back.

I bargained.

I lost. 

Now Jafar owns me, and even as my mind rails against his rules, my body loves the punishments he deals out when I break them.

But a gilded cage is still a prison, I’ll do anything to obtain my freedom.

Even betray the man I’m falling for.

May 28
Trinkets and Tales LLC
Trinkets and Tales LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

3.5 stars—highly sexual, erotic Dom/sub

3.5 stars—DESPERATE MEASURES is the first instalment in Katee Robert’s contemporary, adult WICKED VILLAINS romance story line-an erotic retelling of Aladdin. This is twenty-five year old Jasmine Sarraf, and Jafar’s story line.

WARNING: DESPERATE MEASURES contains scenes of M/F and F/F sexual situations, discipline, bondage, sex club acts, and questionable consent, that may not be suitable for all readers.

Told from dual first person points of view (Jasmine and Jafar) DESPERATE MEASURES follows in the wake of Balthazar Sarraf’s murder, a murder that resulted in his second in command, Jafar, taking over the family business including ownership of Balthazar’s daughter Jasmine Sarraf. Jasmine Sarraf has lead a sheltered life; a princess in a gilded cage where she had no rights, no privileges, and no freedom. From one prison to another, Jasmine enters into an strained, erotic relationship with Jafar, the man with whom she will fall in love. What ensues is the building relationship between Jafar and Jasmine, and the potential fall-out as Jasmine struggles with her place in Jafar’s life; and the possibility that she will go from prisoner to slave when her father’s enemy demands payment in full.

DESPERATE MEASURES is a highly sexual, erotic look at a Dom/sub relationship; an enemies to lovers romance between two people who have lusted after one another for a number of years. A story of power and control; of betrayal and revenge; of discipline, threats, domination and rule. Jasmine calls Jafar ‘Daddy’, and discovers that she is more at home in the sex dungeons than she could ever imagined.

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