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INTRODUCTION In Thailand, there was a discovery of pottery in pre-historical age especially Banchieng Culture in Banchieng sub-district, Udontani Province with approximately 5,000 years. It was heated with low temperature and more complex development. For Sukothai Period, the famous pottery was Sangkaloke, the product for using in family and ceremony as well as building the architectural material. Furthermore, it was an export item as well. Then, in Ayudaya Period, the skill in making pottery was declined. So, it was imported from nearby countries using as souvenir and appliance. But, it would have unique characteristic as the design and stripe were as Thai Style. In early Rattanakosin Period, the pottery still was mostly imported. In the 6th Reign, there was disseminated pottery makings, extended to every region of the country especially the antique pottery, color covered pottery and local pottery from different localities. For the pattern of Thai pottery product design, it was changed inheriting in many ages almost in every region. The pottery was a manufactured product playing important role in Thai People' livelihood since the pre-historical period in order to make the container of water, food and different things, as well as accessories and using in tradition and cultural ceremonies. For local culture, the environmental type was a major factor for determining the pattern of product with local identity of each locality. In the present, many public sectors saw the importance and provided support for grouping of the entrepreneurs in industry as enterprise network of medium sized and small sized businesses, taken care by the Industrial Development Institute, Department of Industrial Support, in enterprise network development by aiming in grouping as enterprise network. For current problem situation, it was the lack of collaboration in network for helping in sharing the information with usefulness in work development as well as selling. According to the above issues, the network needed to be studied for being useful for pottery entrepreneur groups in the future.

April 1
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