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Living our lives in harmony with God’s wisdom flows from the practice of deep contemplative listening that matures over time and with experience. This wise, little book, Discernment: A Way of Life is the fruit of practical experience and thirty some years of spiritual direction ministry. It brings us the seasoned wisdom of centuries, especially from John of the Cross and Thomas Merton. Building upon the understanding that discernment is a charism of the Holy Spirit, it calls for a psychological awareness that is willing to explore the root causes of our surface problems. Thus Discernment: A Way of Life speaks to the practical needs and discernment issues of people today.

This contemplative process of discernment speaks of four dispositions that prepare your heart for ‘knowing’ God’s will for your life. These four - solitary prayer, desire for the truth, an openness to outcome and a willingness to wait in patience – awaken interior stirrings facilitating the emergence of a spiritual direction.

Like good spiritual gardeners working the soil into readiness, one finds oneself now more awakened and ready to frame a clear and specific question asking God for an answer, for clarity, for direction in a specific decision. There is a helpful chapter that describes the seven confirming signs that help us know in faith that we are being led by the Spirit of God.

Discernment, A Way of Life offers a trustworthy guide to spiritual seekers, directors and those in leadership ministries. The ultimate goal is that discernment becomes a way of life. It can become a permanent attitude of listening to the interior voice of Spirit. So freeing, so liberating, so joyous!

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July 4
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