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Disciplined and Trained is what DAT stood for, but few knew that when they saw the small, unobtrusive black sign with white lettering.

For those that enter its doors, it’s a place where help is available for those in need.  DAT provides the necessary added stimuli that many seek for their pleasure or for the training of their submissives.

Jake taught his wife, Alice, the pleasure of bondage on their honeymoon, but after six months, Jake’s imagination plateaued, but Alice wanted much more.  DAT not only gave Alice what she wanted and more of the unexpected, but also taught Jake more about his role as her Master.

It was a strange request, but DAT never pried into the reasons people sought them out.  Dakota, Otto’s intended bride, would be examined by a team of doctors that would attest to the virginity of all of her orifices.  But, there was secret about Otto and his ability to satisfy his young wife sexually he had not yet disclosed. For DAT’s male doctors and nurses discovered that there were pleasures to be had once Dakota’s virginity was pronounced, when there wass no longer a reason to keep her innocence as Otto watched with keen interest.

Natasha loved women, sometimes too much, when she dominated them.  Her newest addition was Paula, and when Natasha wanted to add more people to the mix, DAT that was there for her.  The deeds Paula was put through, the cast of dark characters she faced and the actions she experienced were all unexpected.

Powerone takes you into this secret society called DAT.  There the methods they use to excite and satisfy submissives are unexpected and exceed their wildest imaginations.  It’s BDSM at its finest hour and the pinnacle of success.

Fiction & Literature
April 1
Renaissance E Books
Renaissance E Books, Inc

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