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Steve Palmer had lived the archetypal middle-class life. After graduating from UC Berkeley with an MBA, he embarked upon a promising career in finance, married a successful woman, and acquired the rewards of a prosperous lifestyle. They lived in their dream house in the Berkeley hills, drove a set of his and hers Mercedes and joined the prestigious Claremont country club. Having no children, they indulged themselves with vintage wine and modern art collections.

When their marriage fell apart Steve decided to re-examine his life and consider what was truly important to him. Now in his early forties, he was in a different space; emotionally and philosophically he knew things had changed. He wanted to learn more about life and to experience the realities that existed outside of his familiar and cloistered world. And he wanted to explore sexual avenues he had never walked before. As he saw it, the clock was running out and if he didn’t act now it would soon be too late.

In a digital age where the next sexual encounter was only a few clicks away, Steve embarked upon a personal voyage to meet new people and to learn more about himself. But he was not prepared for who he would meet or what these liaisons would involve. He did not understand the stakes and what he could ultimately lose. In his quest for self-discovery Steve entered a realm of lust, debauchery and sexual addiction. As he fell further into a world entwined with other peoples’ emotional needs and sexual desires he would be forced once again to question the meaning of his life. Eventually he would have to make decisions and take risks that he could not have imagined a year earlier.

Fiction & Literature
March 19
Patrick Harding
Smashwords, Inc.

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