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Sounds produced by marine animals, natural processes, and human activities fill the global ocean. Because water is an effective medium for the transmission of sound, both marine animals and people use sound as a tool for finding objects, navigating, and communicating under water.

The content in this book is based on the Discovery of Sound in the Sea project (DOSITS), including its website - The DOSITS content is based on well-understood scientific principles, peer-reviewed literature, and high quality sources of scientific data. Independent experts, who specialize in underwater acoustics, have reviewed all of the book’s content.

This DOSITS book focuses on sound in the ocean, both natural and human produced. Despite the marine focus, much of the information about these sounds and the related underwater bioacoustic principles are true for all aquatic environments. This book contains a selection of DOSITS content about how marine animals produce, receive, and use sound, along with a chapter on the potential effects of human produced sounds on animals in the ocean. Several of the topics discussed in this book are areas of current active scientific research and new information is available as peer-reviewed publications become available.


Importance of Sound

Marine Animal Communication

Marine Mammal Navigation

Marine Animal Feeding

Sound Production and Reception

Potential Effects of Sound

The Discovery of Sound in the Sea materials have been developed by the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography in partnership with Marine Acoustics, Inc. of Middletown, RI. Many other scientists have contributed to the project’s materials, including over 50 independent scientific reviewers. In addition, many researchers have generously donated the use of images and sounds in this book. DOSITS materials have been developed and produced with funding from the U.S. Office of Naval Research, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Science Foundation. Proceeds from the sale of this book will support updates of the book’s content as the results of newly published research are incorporated into DOSITS content.

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April 19
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