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What are the benefits of becoming more lucid in waking life?

Lucidity is awareness. I'm aware of what I'm doing in life. Now that might sound silly. "I know what I'm doing!" you say. Don't speak so soon. We get caught up in life's drama because we're run by our emotions. We're not aware that we're under the control of some hormone, be it happiness, sadness or anger, we get caught up in the story. Life's drama is simply the setting, how we react to it tells us how we're living our life. Being aware of how we're reacting to life's drama is lucidity.
I can stay engaged in life's drama (the endless stories) without getting caught up by the details. Being caught up by details means to have emotional reaction that is not under my control. I control my emotions; my emotions do not control me.

Having a life that is more under my control makes it easier to relax into who I am. Waking life becomes a spiritual practice!

Over time, more and less will become essentially the same thing. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Getting ahead and staying behind will each have their own rewards and benefits. Sometimes, you'll take the road less traveled and other times you'll take the high road to that popular destination. See through the veil. Take a good look, the veil is right here, right in front of us.

Treat Waking life as a dream or a magic show.

Health, Mind & Body
November 13
Jenny Funkmeyer
Smashwords, Inc.

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Akay88 ,

Good Read

Taught me alot about how to and how to use meditation in everday life situations for lucid dreaming. I would recommend a read!

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