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Publisher Description

Doom Night is story about an alien attack against earth that destroys 99% of life while thoroughly decimating cities. Children find themselves in a struggle to understand, survive, and protect themselves. The world becomes a scavenger based society where the old rules of coexistence cannot work. In the early days and nights, many humans take on a sheepish posture when they are ruled by the strong and greedy. The intelligent and normally peaceful attackers are drawn to the planet to determine what caused the attack to be less than ideal. They are met with unheard of violence from earth inhabitants. The smallest and largest of creatures performed in accordance with their natural habits cause havoc and fear in the aliens, because, the aliens have no untamed life. Their superiority complex creates unwary victims in earth's new world. Lacking the experience of a warring and fighting for existence no environment leaves them easily deceived and vulnerable.
Their attack has changed earth forever, including some almost supernatural consequences.
Government, laws, armies, and police no longer exist along with any distinguishable landscapes. Defense was out of the question because there was no technology left to fight any war. Communications were almost non existent. The vital infrastructure necessary to live had disappeared.
Suspicion, fear, and panic took over the human consciousness. The daily struggle to exist became steps of recovery, reconnaissance, and reclusiveness out of necessity.
In the midst of the chaos, people band together for protection and companionship. Some are evil and ruthless, others welcoming, and a few others raised above the noise of change based on a vision they enjoy that provides the security and control necessary to begin again.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 9
John E. Elin
Smashwords, Inc.