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Picture it, you’re at a concert, the lights go down, and then in a flash, smoke fills the air, and your favorite band appears center stage. You’re in your front-row seat, screaming and enjoying the show. However, backstage is a bit different. Backstage the manager is signing contracts, keeping the show going, and most importantly, keeping the band from killing each other.

You’ve been watching the concert for thirty minutes; the band steps backstage for their ninety-second break. You’re still sitting there in your seat as you wait, screaming your head off for them to once again appear, but backstage things aren’t going well. Your favorite band is planning tomorrow’s concert in Brazil, but unbeknownst to you, Rick just punched Drake, their manager in the face for not getting him the arena he wanted.

You start to worry if the concert is over or not, looking at your watch, as you noticed that ninety seconds passed over three minutes ago, where might they be? They’re still backstage, not taking a break, but now in a fistfight with Drake as members of the crew, and the opening act tries to pull them apart.

At this point, you’re talking to the person to your left, talking about leaving soon if something doesn’t happen in the next minute. You wait another ten seconds to see that burst of pyro you’ve been waiting for. You go back to your normal fan stage, screaming and cheering.

You watch the rest of the show, thinking nothing of the short intermission, you watch as the finish stage light fades to dark and you go home, thinking of what a great time you had. You’re driving home in your car, and you see their tour bus driving to the next city right alongside you. You honk your horn, hoping they acknowledge you, and a few seconds later you get a faded wave out the tinted window of the bus.

However, what you saw wasn’t a wave at all. It was Drake, screaming and yelling about how stupid it was of Rick to delay a concert of that size for another one of his stupid and terrible requests.

You get home at 11:00 o’clock, look in your mailbox to see you forgot something from earlier that morning, it was your paycheck. You take the check out of the mailbox, open the door and start to wonder how much your favorite band just made from the concert you just saw.

Drake is so tried and so mad that he goes and lays down in his bunk but not before telling Rick and Ned that they weren’t getting paid due to Rick’s actions.

Young Adult
November 15
Stuart Michael
Sean Arnold

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