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What made the vlog Akira Madison and Ty Yates live-stream from their high school auditorium go viral? Ever since they met in Kindergarten they've disagreed on everything. Now they're arguing over the meaning of the Constitution, as had their ancestors, founding fathers James Madison and Robert Yates. When Ty, frustrated with the burgeoning federal government, teams up with presidential candidate Mercy Warren, Akira is shocked at his idea to rewrite the US Constitution, claiming James Madison used trickery to push through his version of the Constitution.

But evidence for Ty's claims arrives in the form of an old letter written by James Madison confessing that a secret society, the IVI, had been formed to create the Constitution against the will of a reluctant nation. Ty and Akira have to run for their lives when they discover that the IVI is still alive and well, maybe at the highest levels of government and its fanatical members are willing to protect the secrets of the Constitution at any cost. The two high school students' only hope is to retrace the history of the Constitution and expose its secrets to the American public before the IVI silences them forever.

The brash Alexander Hamilton, the shy James Madison, the frustrated billionaire Robert Morris, and the outspoken playwright Mercy Otis Warren, all come back to life as their descendants once again battle over the writing of the Constitution, and what it means to be an American. Geared toward high school students and aligned with the Common Core, E Pluribus comes complete with a study guide, bridging the gap between adventure and academics.

Fiction & Literature
November 17
David Marsh
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