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This massive resource contains over 120 gripping accounts of the early settlers of southwest Texas and their struggles with the various Lipans, Mescalaros, Comanches, Kiowas, Cherokees, and other Indian nations. 

Chapters include: 

Benjamin F. Highsmith 

Captain John Tom 

Captain James W. Winters 

Mrs. Hannah Berry 

Mrs. Sarah J. Kinchaloe 

Nichalus Haby 

Henry Castro 

A. J. Davenport 

Joseph Conrads 

Castroville Founded 

Joseph Burrell 

Incident of Ranger Life 

Louis Haller 

Judge Bernhard Bricks 

Incident in the Life of Col. J. C. Carr 

John L. Mann 

Robert Watson 

Herbert Weynand 

John W. Patterson 

John Reinhart 

Captain H. J. Richarz 

Gideon Thompson 

Captain Malcolm Van Pelt 

Jack Hiller 

August Rothe 

J. W. Gardner 

Jesse Lawhon Killed by Indians 

Early Settlers of Atascosa County 

Mrs. B. D. Kennedy 

Joseph M. Van Pelt 

Indian Fight on Dote Creek 

Fight With Indians and Rangers 

Incidents of Frontier Life 

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of D’Hanis 

Richard H. Ware 

Aunt Mary Davenport 

J. A. Boales 

F. G. Tinsley 

Thomas Galbreath 

Jack Hays 

Mrs. M. A. Binnion 

Capture of Matilda Lockhart and the Putnam Children by Indians 

Rev. E. A. Briggs 

Rudolph Charobiny 

E. D. Westfall 

Henry Brucks 

Herman Huehner 

Indian Fight in Sabinal Canyon 

“Doke” Bowles 

W. M. Bramlett 

Two Fights Between Rangers and Indians 

Cañon de Uvalde 

James Bowie’s Old Fort 

Early History of Guadalupe County 

Massacre of the Peddlers and Battle of El Blanco 

Old Settlers of D’Hanis 

History of the Settlement of D’Hanis 

Old Settlers 

Y. P. Outlaw 

Mrs. Nancy Kelley 

Mrs. Mahala Jones 

L. C. Davenport 

Seco Smith 

Jacob Haby 

Henry Shane 

Killing of James Winters by Indians 

Trailing Indians 

M. C. Click 

Last Indian Raid in Frio Canyon 

Amasa Clark 

Killed an Indian 

P. L. Hicks 

Calahan’s Expedition 

Mrs. C. A. Witt 

Joe Wilton 

Xavier Wanz 

J. B. Wernette 

Judge James M. Hunter 

Ed. English 

Henry Hartman 

J. H. Adams 

Frank Buckalew Captured by Indians 

Berry C. Buckalew 

Lon Moore 

The Cox Family as Indian Fighters 

Desperate Run for Life 

Ed. Taylor 

John Leakey 

C. G. Jarvis 

Capt. John H. Rogers 

Judge M. F. Lowe 

Captain Alonzo Reese 

Battle Between Rangers and Indians 

Disastrous Battle With Indians in Kerr County, 

Ross Kennedy 

The Forty Immigrants From Darmstadt 

The Old Church at Fredericksburg 

J. D. Fenlet 

Death of Capt. Philip Dimmitt 

Trailing Indians 

Judge Henry Maney 

Captured an Indian 

Dr. J. C. Nowlin 

Jack Hardy Captured by Indians 

Camp Verde 

Rev. A. L. James 

Capt. Neal Colwell 

Frontier Incidents 

Fight Between Settlers and Indians 

Charles Peters 

Paul Voght 

Col. J. C. Carr 

Col. J. C. (“Locomotive”) Carr’s First Courtship in “Arkansaw.” 

The Siege and Fall of the Alamo 

Col. I. F. Sevier 

Capt. Fred Metzger 

The Gilleland Children Captured by Indians 

The Etter Family 

Theodore the Shepherd Killed by Indians 

Watkins and Richardson Killed by Indians 

Ancestors of the Author 

The Lost Valley Fight 

Creed Taylor 

H. Saatoff 

John E. Wilson 

Jack Huffman 

Mrs. Amanda L. Scull

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