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This is an extra special edition of the program Tales of the Earth, which includes Art, Education and Technology in multi forms of storytelling using different languages like comics, games, workshops, RPG, digital art in several medias and technology platforms, rescuing the connection with archetypal myths and events from different sources across the planet. 

Besides presenting in this special edition the story of the starting of the series “Tales of the Earth” in a comic’s format followed by six comic’s that describe the visit of our heroes to the Afro-Brazilian legends, we added the RPG book “Omõrixá”. The RPG Omõrixá is composed as a mythological, symbolic, analogical, educational and personal development game. By directing attention to mythology or oral societies it might usually give the impression of something distant, something of the past, dead or primitive. This is a thought that can be misleading because, through a distinct narrative provided by comics and especially the RPG, it may be possible to save, reinterpret and even resurrect these habits of storytelling, viscerally human, coming as a language that incorporates the most intimate needs, in the depths of each head.

“Omõrixá” is done with the mind of an oral society, where the participant goes through the ritual of man’s creation, when nothing is correct or finished, it comes as a rescue to what’s lost and it is the beginning of a journey where you must make your mind, come down to the Ayê, accept the fact of being subject to the rights and wrongs of life and find the representations of the world, the sacred, the divine and the mystical. The possibility of meeting the builders and maintainers of reality, the Orishas. This is a game of myths and advices, guidelines and warnings, finally this game observes the circle of the hero in the Afro-Brazilian culture.

Arts & Entertainment
May 27
Sinergia Games
Cristhyane Ribeiro Martins da Silva

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