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From New York Times Bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a series set in the intriguing city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lena Turner has spent her life as the outsider. Thanks to her extraordinary gifts, she’s learned to be independent—especially when it comes to men. She’s content to live her life in New Orleans as a schoolteacher, dating casually and dedicated to her small family. Long term is not part of her plan.

Leaving Lena behind to pursue his career was the most difficult thing Mason Coulter ever did. He told himself that it was for the best, had even convinced himself that he had only Lena’s best interests in mind. But now, after six long years, he’s back in New Orleans to settle his late eccentric aunt’s estate. All he has to do is get in and out of the city without submitting to the need to see Lena. But to Mason’s dismay, his aunt made other plans.

Having Mason walk back into her life is something Lena never saw coming. She could refuse to help him, but she’s never been good at telling Mason no. So, she’ll do what she can to get the estate settled and Mason out of her life for good.

At least, that’s the plan. But Mason has plans of his own…

May 28
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

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Aneok1 ,

All EASY Love,charm,melody,kisses,magic,nights and fortune

I love your books. I love the characters. The storyline, everything and when i download a freebook that I like I usually end up getting the whole series and even other series from an author I like. Now I’m not sure how much input you have but every series I order starts off with a freebook then every book thereafter is $7:00 and beyond. Now I don’t mind spending this kind of money on a book I can hold and share but I would not pay this at a library where I can only borrow it for a limited time and that is what is happening here. To purchase all in this series will cost $40.00 because first one is free and seventh one is only half price and I would probably have paid thus because i like your books but there is no protection for us. I have over $400. Invested in books and at any given time I am prevented from opening a book I have paid for. Also in December downloaded a $100.00 gift certificate and when I went to use it ? It was gone. This is frustrating.

Grammarsnob218 ,

Great but...

As usual we have another great book from a great author. The only issue I have is that at the three quarter mark the book ends and there is a big preview of the next book and more promo. I don't want almost 200 pages of promo, I want more of the story I'm reading! So this loses a star because it drives me crazy when authors/ publishers do that. Keep the promos to 5 pages max and you will get that last star back.

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