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Lynne Rossetto Kasper invites you into her kitchen with the second issue of her new quarterly e-book, Eating In with Lynne Rossetto Kasper: Weekend Menus and Work Night Encores. This latest issue is The Big Summer Party, a weekend menu that can break out any way you'd like — from a blow-out Sunday gathering on the deck to a collection of fast and simple work-night suppers of one or two dishes each.

To Lynne, recipes are akin to the fingers of your hand; they can stand on their own or flex in many directions. And that's what Lynne does in every issue of Eating In with her endless variations, short-take cooking lessons, clues to finding bargains in the market and her highly opinionated thoughts on what is happening in food today. Along the way, you'll learn how to take an idea and improvise your own dishes. You’ll see how the same collection of ingredients in a recipe can be turned into a new experience. You’ll be an instant expert when she guides you step-by-step through the key techniques behind recipes.

Lynne believes that in a few months’ time, all the glory that is summer will be gone, so let's enjoy it to the hilt while we can.

This issue of Eating In grabs summer by the armful with dishes like Tomato Nectarine Salad with its finish of pistachios and basil, Zucchini Ribbons with Nuts and Pecorino, a pitcher of Rhubarbaritas for sipping, Smoky Almond Cream with Carrots and Sugar Snaps, Agliata of Herbs and Cheese, Lemon Currant Chickpea Salad, and Cherry "Ice Cream" with Vanilla Bean Strawberries and Cardamom. 

Don't miss Lynne's steak find. She has no patience with spending ridiculous amounts of money on cuts that don't deliver flavor. That’s why she shares her discovery of a cut of beef that costs a third of what we pay for steak; it is in every supermarket meat case, but few people know it exists. After telling you how to find it, Lynne teaches you how to turn that cut into Slow-Grilled Party Steak with Green Herb Salsa.

Lynne is the guru of all things food to the worldwide listeners of her award-winning public radio show, The Splendid Table® from American Public Media. Eating In with Lynne Rossetto Kasper is a combination of in-depth cooking lessons and the diary of a curious and highly opinionated eater. Each issue provides a full weekend menu, variations to turn leftovers into weeknight suppers, ingredient testing, tips and audio clips from The Splendid Table®.

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June 11
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