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“Max – the change with his eczema has been amazing. Since totally avoiding dairy, he only is having small flare-ups of eczema and everything is easily managed with moisturisers and just the occasional steroid. Yes! This works!” says Max's mother.

I (Dr Rodney Ford) want to help you too. I have been helping families with severe eczema for over 30years. If you have on-going eczema / dermatitis problems, then now I can help you as well. If you (or your family) are troubled by eczema, I can help you can find some of the answers you are looking for:
* Why have you got it?
* What is causing it?
* How can you switch it off?
* What’s driving it?
* Is it a food? gluten, milk or eggs?
* How can you protect your children?
* How do you identify your allergies?
* What creams and potions?

This book is your answer to curing your eczema.
First, get your tests for eczema and food allergy.
Then, you might experience normal healthy skin again.
This book has already dramatically changed thousands of of people's lives.

Eczema! Cure It!
ISBN 978-0-473-18579-4

Introduction Yes! Eczema can be cured
How do I know this stuff?
Are there any “secrets”?
Ten steps to healthy skin

Chapter 1. Why so much controversy?
Food allergy goes undiagnosed
Drugs – not diet, policy
Heal it or cover it?
The eczema environment

Chapter 2. Eczema: what is it?
What is eczema?
How does eczema feel?
The eczema progression

Chapter 3. Foods – the missing piece
Studies prove the food-eczema link

Chapter 4. Why food allergy happens
Food proteins in breast milk
Colic and cow's milk
Immediate allergic reactions
Slow-onset allergic reactions

Chapter 5. Find your triggers
Your external environment
Your internal environment
The early foods cause the problem
Identifying your food triggers

Chapter 6. Skin-prick tests
How is it done?
Who should get tested?
What allergens can be tested?
Skin prick tests are not the whole answer

Chapter 7. Eczema & cow’s milk
Cow’s milk
What is bad about cow’s milk?
What “milk” should these babies be drinking?
What are the formula choices?

Chapter 8. Eczema: eggs & nuts
Egg allergy
Eczema: peanuts & tree nuts
When to give your baby allergy-associated foods?
In a nut-shell

Chapter 9. Gluten & wheat
Wheat allergy
Gluten sensitivity/ intolerance
The Gluten Syndrome
Gluten known to cause skin disease

Chapter 10. You can switch eczema off
Good gut bugs
The allergy “switch” theory
Probiotics can stop eczema
Probiotics can prevent eczema

Chapter 11. Creams & potions
Moisturisers and oils
Advice for using topical steroids
Side effects of topical steroids

Chapter 12. You can prevent eczema
Ten steps to prevent eczema
1. Before pregnancy: diet
2. During pregnancy: diet
3. Birth: probiotics
4. Infant feeding: breast feeding
5. Food skin-prick tests: early identification
6. What Formula?
7. Foods: cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, gluten
8. Avoid inhalant allergens: house dust mite.
9. Antihistamines reduce itch: Cetirizine
10. Supplements and skin care

I hope that I can help you with finding the triggers to your eczema.
Best wishes Dr Rodney Ford.

Health, Mind & Body
March 13
Rodney Ford
Draft2Digital, LLC

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