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El Capitan Server is Apple's latest evolution of OS X Server.  OS X Server is a collection of core networking services, collaboration tools, and groupware products.  It remains a Swiss Army Knife, packed with capable and useful tools for many different deployment targets.  There are no hidden costs, no add-on packages, and no exotic hardware requirements.  OS X Server is simply an un-carved block, waiting for a creative system administrator to achieve nearly anything imaginable.  Beneath its simple facade hides powerful tools for serious work.

El Capitan Server – Foundation Services walks system administrators through the proper setup and integration of OS X Server.  It is based on nearly two decades of experience deploying Apple operating systems and server products.  Setting the proper foundation is critical to the long term success of OS X Server.  Foundation Services walks readers through real-world deployment examples and offers extensive field advice, saving administrators time and eliminating frustration.  Get up to speed rapidly and deploy a solid server from day one.

El Capitan Server – Foundation Services is targeted at system administrators responsible for OS X Server in enterprise, education, and small business.  However, you don't need to be a seasoned veteran to benefit from the book.  Examples and explanations can be followed by readers of all experience levels.  Foundation Services is filled with practical advice and guidance on topics ranging from backup, to naming convention, to architecture planning.  Start here to set a strong foundation.

This is the third edition of Foundation Services.  Fully reviewed and updated for El Capitan and Server 5, El Capitan Server – Foundation Services provides a significant amount of new and updated content.

Chapters include:





Directory Services


Caching Server

Foundation Extras

Change Log

In addition to these chapters, Foundation Services also covers Active Directory integration, System Integrity Protection, scripting and automation using cron and launchd, and valuable advice regarding backup, upgrading, workflow, and integration into existing infrastructure.

Updates and Additions

El Capitan Server – Foundation Services fully embraces the benefits of digital publishing and Apple's iBooks distribution model.  The book will evolve as Apple updates Server.app and El Capitan.  Buyers of the book can expect a consistent stream of updates throughout the life of El Capitan.

Publishing With a Cause

In addition, $1 from each sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society in the hope that future generations will not know the suffering and loss of cancer.  

Reader Reviews of the Foundation Services Series

"The documentation is extremely well written, clear and accurate. He has added to and updated my understanding of many aspects of the Mac server and done it with humor and great tone. I also like that he spoke of current best practices from real world experience. This is commonly missing from other technical books."

"This book is completely different. It is focused on using OS X Server in a larger enterprise environment, but even if all the text doesn’t apply to my home server environment, I learn something new on just about every page. Mr. Bundonis has years of experience working with OS X Server in very large environments and it shows."

"In short, this book is a must-have for anyone setting up (OS X) Server using any configuration... In fact, many tips in this book could help those managing servers other than Maverick Server. Overall this probably is the best server book I have ever read. I only wish there was more of it. Apple you need to hire this guy to help write your documentation!!"

"The author continues to keep this book up to date with every maintenance release and also adds new content."

"Firstly, thanks for all the hard work - it was a most enjoyable and informative read."

"Your books have been so great that everything just works. Seriously, I read a few other books and nothing was as dead simple and easy to understand as your writing and the way you walk through stuff."


Apple's OS X Server is an amazingly powerful product.  Combined with El Capitan Server – Foundation Services, you will be able to set a proper foundation to craft truly amazing solutions.

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