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What does this recipe book offer? It contains 55 most loved recipes for breakfast and brunch, recipes for desserts and appetizers. In this book, care has been taken to ensure that the ingredients are readily available. The cooking instructions are very simple and easy to understand, and basic information as to the cooking time, preparation time, and number of servings per dish is provided. As a whole, this book will provide you with all the instructions you will ever need.

Seasoned homemakers and cooks like to experiment different tastes and flavors to enhance the dish they are preparing. They make it a point to add to the recipe something that is uniquely theirs, and something that will always remind them of happy memories and joyful events. This is what I call the personalized touch.

Inasmuch as you would like to prepare a dish that you would like to call your own, let this book serve as your guide in getting the results you want. With your creativity, you can make delicious dishes with a little experimentation and variation from the recipes in this book. You can include your favorite ingredients or substitute something of a better taste or appearance. It all depends on you! The preparation and cooking times are the standard, you can always make little adjustments on these. As you become more familiar with your electric pressure cooker’s specs, cooking in it will be effortless.

A wide variety of recipes are carefully selected to make sure that you will enjoy this eBook. These dishes are I what call the ‘best versions’, since I have tried and tested each one of them. Although the final say comes from you who will try these recipes, I assure you that you will not regret trying them! Aside from the fact that they are easy to prepare, I bet you and your family will love them.

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May 3
Childsworth Publishing
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