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The Spin Torus Energy Model (STEM) was introduced in Part 1 of this series of books to define the structure of electrons and positrons; was extended in part 2 to define a structure for quarks, nucleons and atoms; and this volume, defines a structure for photons which is used to describe the wave-particle nature of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which includes light and radio waves.
The three part series develops each area in detail and progressively expands the STEM approach, showing how it spans and impacts most key areas in Science. It is not a Theory of Everything, or a mathematical extravaganza; it is a pragmatic theory that covers a lot of Physics and Chemistry issues, and brings them together in the one integrated, logical manner.
This is the final book of the triad. It looks at light, which is essential for life on Earth and forms the basis of one our primary senses: that of sight. The particle-wave nature of EMR is explained together with spectral line emission and absorption, the photo-electric and Compton effects, P-N semiconductors, electron pair generation and annihilation, plasma, cosmic radiation, Gravity and finally the special nature of micro and radio waves are addressed.
In order to allow new readers to fast-track into STEM by starting with part 3 and bi-passing parts 1 and 2, the first chapter provides an overview of STEM terminology and concepts. However, once you have part 3 under the belt, which mainly concentrates upon the mysteries of EMR and Gravity, new readers may want to work back through part 2 and finally part 1 to explore other issues in more depth and to broaden their understanding of the STEM approach.
The three books are technical in nature, but low on mathematical content and rich in graphics and diagrams, which might be a relief for many readers. Science and technical books are never an easy read, but I hope that you find this one particularly interesting and worthwhile. Hopefully it will be an excursion of discovery and learning that may cause you to challenge your understanding of how Physics works from the micro to the macro. It may also herald the start of the post-orbital era for Science and Technology. Please enjoy the read.

Science & Nature
September 3
David Johnson
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