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Ellen Degeneres - a true talent the world has ever known. She has been through a lot in life. Ellen's major breakthroughs came from doing stand-up comedies, acting sets, TV show hosting and writing several bestsellers. Ellen was not always like this as she came from a normal family and doing odd jobs in her 20s, but she was able to turn the roadblocks in life into stepping stones for success. Every major challenge, struggle and devastation was the foundation for her career and success. Unlike most people, she did not let the depression and all the obstacles to bring her down. Some people speculate that if it wasn't for her partner lost, rape abuse in childhood, her mother's breast cancer, and other gay issues, she would not have been as successful. That's because she used those weaknesses to become strengths in her life. Ellen DeGeneres has this charisma to turn all negative that happened to her in life into a stand-up routine. That's how she was noticed. Ellen DeGeneres is more than just a natural comedian, artist, TV talk show persona and producer. She is and always will be herself, genuinely caring about others, regardless of ethics, background or sexual orientation. It took a lot of courage for her to announce her attraction of the same sex - being gay. Despite fears of losing her career, she stepped up and announced in the Ellen's way that she was a lesbian - for real. This did not stop her.

This biography is about Ellen Degeneres' struggles, accomplishments and relationships in life. If you admire Ellen and want to learn more about her life, this book is for you.

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