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Never before have youth had so much potential for greatness while at the same time carrying the biggest capacity to be miserable. The world is in a period of exponential growth but also a period of tremendous unhappiness. The people most affected are our youth who live in a constant stream of stress. 94% of youth admit to feeling overwhelmed in their lives. The average teen is so listless that he spends nine hours a day on social media. 20% of youth admit to feeling depressed and seriously considering suicide. There have been many initiatives to solve these problems and many more but there seems to be little change. No one has written a book for youth on how to stave off these problems and attain their true potential. At last, such a book has been written by a youth for youth.  

In Emerson For The Digital Generation: Secrets Of Unparalleled Success and Happiness From The Timeless Wisdom Of Ralph Waldo Emerson, author Anand Satheesh presents to youth the secrets of greatness and fulfillment as seen through the eyes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. With penetrating insights and examples, Anand presents ten of Emerson’s greatest essays in the context of the modern world while retaining their eternal wisdom. The essays in this book such as Self Reliance and Compensation are among the greatest writings of any age. These contemporary commentaries on Emerson’s essays show youth the secrets of self-reliance, prudence, friendship and character; principles that will make their lives truly extraordinary.  

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June 11
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Satheesh Gopalan